KIIFB is constituted under Finance Department of Kerala for raising funds both in the medium as well as long term to finance critical and large infrastructure projects in the state like Kerala Fibre Optic Network, Petrochemical and Pharma Park - Kochi, Coastal and Hill Highway, Transgrid 2.0, Life Science Park - Thiruvananthapuram, Hi Tech School Programme, etc.

Kerala Fibre Optic Network

Digitally Connecting 33,000+ government institutions and free internet to 2 Lakh Households.

Petrochemical and Pharma Park, Kochi

600 Acres of Industrial Park for Chemical Products.

Coastal and Hill Highway

Connecting Kerala via 1800kms+ Highway.

Transgrid 2.0

Power Highway - Creating High Capacity Transmission Lines.

Life Science Park, Thiruvananthapuram

125 Acres of Healthcare, Herbal, Agriculture & Biotechnolgy Zone.

Hi Tech School Programme

Introducing 45,000+ Smart Classrooms.